The Pregnancy Passport

from Physicians & Midwives


We call our little 63 page book a Passport because in a way you are on a journey of exploration and transformation from which you will emerge changed forever.

We encourage you to use your Pregnancy Passport to answer many of the questions that you may have and serve as a springboard for your further education.

We hope that the book will also serve as a guide to many of our services as well as a place for you to record your questions and feelings about what is happening to and around you on this journey. Bring it to your appointments and take notes.

We have even brought the Pregnancy Passport to the web! For those of you who want to access the information electronically, you can visit and get all of the information at your fingertips.

In the end, we wish to serve you well and believe that education is the single best thing that we can offer.

As always, all of us at P&M continue our dedication to creating a positive experience and safe environment for you at any of our current office locations.

doc_dgDavid Giammittorio, MD
CEO, The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice


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