Certified Nurse Midwife

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Katie received her master’s degree at Georgetown in May 2013. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia where she worked as a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse for a few years following her graduation from the Medical College of Georgia. She is married to Charley, and has developed a love for sailing on his sailboat, Magnolia. They had their son, Keith, in September 2014– now a happy, VERY active little boy.

Katie has a passion for women’s health– she believes pregnancy is a normal process and is constantly amazed at how women’s bodies were created to give birth. She supports women’s decisions and believes in empowerment through education. She loves what she does and isn’t afraid to show her southern roots with a “see y’all later!”

Graduate Education

Degree:  Master’s of Science with a focus in Nurse-Midwifery and Women’s Health
School:  Georgetown University
City/State:  Washington, DC
Graduation Year:  2013

Undergraduate Education

Degree/Major:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
School:  Medical College of Georgia
City/State:  Athens, Georgia
Graduation Year:  2008


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