2012 Walk Took Place on Saturday October 20.

Staff at the Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice took part in the 2012 Walk to Fight Breast Cancer, held on Saturday October 20. The Walk is designed to raise money to add to the Alexandria Breast Cancer Walk Fund, helping provide mammograms to women who cannot afford them or who are uninsured.

“It was a great day and a wonderful feeling to know we had contributed to such a worthy cause,” said one of the staff members who took part. “Early detection is very important when it comes to breast cancer, as is the case with all cancers. By providing regular mammograms we can spot changes early and provide the appropriate treatment.

The Walk attracted more than nine hundred people this year. More than $90,000 was eventually raised and will go towards the important work done at the Inova Alexandria Hospital. It is here that the free mammograms are provided for those women who could not otherwise afford them. Thousands of women have benefited from this annual fundraising walk ever since it was first arranged in 1994.

Those taking part in The Walk have three options for the distance they will cover. These are 1.5k, 3.5k and 5k. They can also run if they prefer. If desired a group of women can run as a team, although regardless of whether people run individually or in a team they must register to take part.

“It was a really enjoyable day,” added the staff member from the Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice. “It’s good to get involved with so many other people and to know we’re all doing and supporting a really good thing. A lot of us are keen to take part again next year – it was a memorable day and it’s good to know we helped raise much needed funds to keep the Alexandria Breast Cancer Walk Fund going.”

The Walk has long been supported by many people in the community, including a lot of local businesses. While it provides funds for mammograms, perhaps the most familiar diagnostic tool for most women, it also funds other diagnostic procedures to ensure the battle against breast cancer continues. Five to six figure sums are raised every year on The Walk, as well as raising awareness of this disease.

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