Dr. David Giammittorio, CEO of The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice, was featured in a new client testimonial video for Advanced Practice Strategies (APS). Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is an assessment, education, and analytics company committed to helping clinicians achieve their highest potential through innovation in learning.

In the video, Dr. Giammittorio discusses the unique benefits of personalized learning from GNOSIS for OB to mitigate risk, reduce variation, and improve quality of care. He is a member of the OB/GYN Risk Alliance.

GNOSIS is a patented assessment-driven education and analytics solution that uses data to transform how doctors and nurses learn. Their innovative, web-based platform delivers individualized and prioritized content to clinicians to learn when they want, where they want, and only what they need. As a result, GNOSIS enables hospital leaders to focus limited resources on high-impact education for improving quality and patient safety.

“I learned about GNOSIS through the OBGYN Risk Alliance system. They suggested that GNOSIS would be both good for my continuing education and potentially to reduce malpractice exposure.” said Dr. Giammittorio. “If we reduce malpractice exposure we reduce costs. This is always a good thing.”

Click the link below to watch, share and post the 3-minute video, “Better, Faster, Cheaper.”


“Our clinicians come to us with different qualifications and with different life and work experiences and to get everybody on the same plane the GNOSIS platform is excellent” continued Dr. Giammittorio “If we begin to speak in the same language and address a particular problem in a certain way this reduces unexplained variation and inevitably raises quality.”