Physicians and Midwives Collaborative Practice, the leading ob/gyn in the northern Virginia area, is excited to announce an additional donation of $10,000 to Midwives for Haiti, a non-profit dedicated to providing skilled maternity care to mothers in Haiti, the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere to give birth.

The donation reinforces the initial donation of $25,000 and affirms an ongoing commitment to Midwives for Haiti and the work they are doing to increase access to care and end preventable maternal and infant deaths in Haiti. Due to geographic remoteness and socioeconomic status, many mothers in Haiti do not receive the care they require. In fact, only about 25% of births in rural Haiti are attended by a skilled provider.

“We hope to continue regular funding for Midwives for Haiti to help them make a difference to increase access to skilled maternity care,” explains Dr. Giammittorio, Physicians and Midwives CEO. “Providing support for a safe and healthy pregnancy is fundamental to our business and our mission extends beyond our practice walls and into the global community.”

Physicians and Midwives Collaborative Practice offers women a variety of options for their healthcare needs. There are five locations throughout Virginia, and twenty-three providers within the practice. The team offers an array of services, including free pregnancy classes, obstetrics, gynecology, midwifery, in-office sonograms, women wellness exams, and 24-7 in-hospital care.

Midwives for Haiti founder, Nadene Brunk, started teaching Haitian nurses in 2003, but Midwives for Haiti officially reached non-profit status in 2006. The organization provides training for birthing professionals, and now the hospital they partnered with has 18 Skilled Birth Attendants. Each year, trainees of the program help to safely deliver over 2,200 babies. Midwives for Haiti continues to develop programs that help the cause, including the introduction of a Mobile Prenatal Clinic, an outreach program that reaches Haitian natives and allows them to get involved, a Postnatal Care program, and most recently, the opening of the Carrie Wortham Birth Center.

For more information, or to book an appointment with Physicians and Midwives Collaborative Practice of Virginia, call (703) 370-4300. To make a donation to Midwives of Haiti, visit their website –

About Physicians and Midwives

Physicians and Midwives is composed of a team of doctors and midwives that practice in five centers spread out across Northern Virginia (Alexandria, North Arlington, Mount Vernon, Kingstowne, and Woodbrige), all the offices are connected by a state of the art Electronic Medical Record. We understand that our patients are time sensitive and our office hours and locations are in place to stress convenience. In addition, our dedicated call center is in place during office hours to facilitate your requests for medication refills, lab results or questions about your treatment.

About Midwives for Haiti

Midwives For Haiti educates Haitian nurses to become Skilled Birth Attendants in order to scale access to midwifery care in Haiti quickly. MFH leverages international volunteers to support the didactic and clinical training of its students. The program has graduated seventy-one SBAs since 2006 and another seventeen students, the seventh class, will graduate in March 2015.