Quick Answers to Common Questions

General Questions

Do I have to get a flu vaccine? Does it cause the flu?

What is a nurse practitioner and what can I see them for?

What is a midwife and what can I see them for?

Gynecological Questions

Does the birth control pill cause infertility?

Can my NuvaRing get lost in my uterus?

If I don’t need a Pap smear, then what am I doing here?

Can you spread herpes without an active outbreak?

Does uterine ablation (NovaSure) cause early menopause? Can I still get pregnant afterwards?

Obstetrics Questions

Can I get an epidural with the midwives? Do they force me to go natural?

Why can’t I do a breech vaginal delivery?

My baby is “really big,” do I need a C-section?

Do you cut routine episiotomies?

Can I really still exercise and have sex when I’m pregnant?

I have a Doula, why do I need a midwife?

Do I really have to drink a gallon of water every day since I’m pregnant?

Do midwives allow epidurals?

Why do I need RhoGAM?

Can I drink castor oil to start my labor?

“I know” I can’t work/walk/lift, etc when I’m pregnant; can I have a work note?

I think I lost my mucus plug, should I come in?