Gynecological Practice Looks at the Complete Woman

North Virginia, USA: An established OBGYN practice with 10 physicians and 10 midwives staffing four office locations across North Virginia, America has just launched an online blog and monthly e-newsletter focused on offering news items and a mix of health related articles on topics relevant to women of all ages.

“We opened the practice because we realized that there was a gap in women’s care that needed to be filled,” said Dr. David Giammittorio, CEO for the Physician & Midwife Collaborative Practice. “Our aim is to counter the depersonalization we believe has occurred in medicine as it has advanced technically in recent years. We provide services for women who want the support of an educated and knowledgeable caregiver, no matter how old she happens to be. We’ve launched our newsletter so that we will be able to keep in touch with those who use our services, or who are interested in using them.”

The newsletter is also designed to be interactive. Those who subscribe to it can suggest topics for future articles to cover, as well as asking questions that they would like to see answered in future issues. Furthermore the blog that forms part of the main website will be updated with three or four new articles every month. It should be easy to keep abreast of the latest developments as all updates are posted on their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

The services offered by the Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice include obstetrics and midwifery, as well as a full range of gynecology services. Clients can also request a well woman exam and an in office sonogram if required. The practice also offers 24/7 in hospital care.

“We have also made it easy for women to contact us whenever they need to book appointments or simply get the answers to any questions that they have,” added the spokesman. “They can do so by phone to our triage desk, make an appointment on line from our web site or they can send an email to our contact email address.”

Since the launch of the Collaborative Practice in 1993, it has developed into a fully fledged service catering for women of all ages. The newsletter aims to help build an even closer and more knowledgeable relationship between those who run the practice and the women who use it, regardless of the services they require.

The Physician & Midwife Collaborative Practice was launched in 1993 to provide an all round service to women of all ages. It caters for the major events in a woman’s life, including pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause, and the staff provides a wide range of services that can be explored on the website. To find out more about the practice, you can visit their website at

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To learn more about The Physician & Midwife Collaborative Practice and the range of services it offers to women, phone 703-370-4300 or visit the website at